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Permanent Make-up

Permanent makeup is an ideal proposition for women who want to emphasize their beauty in a natural and harmonious way.

Permanent eyebrow makeup is for people who want to: fill in eyebrow cavities, align eyebrow asymmetry, hide scars on the eyebrow arch, save time when applying everyday makeup. Today's pigmentation methods are very delicate and subtle. The era of marker eyebrows is long gone. Natural permanent reigns.

Permanent lip makeup is intended for people who want to emphasize lip color, even out asymmetry, bring out the contour. Permanent makeup does not enlarge or brighten the lip color. The effect of permanent makeup can be graded - from very delicate, emphasizing natural lip red colors to strong, intense, lipstick lips. It does not perform the lip contour itself.

Permanent eye makeup is intended for people who have enough of everyday painting lines on the eyelid or simply have difficulty drawing it.

Before the procedure, the client fills in the consent, where she places information about her health, expectations and gets acquainted with the post-treatment instructions. I always ask you to take the topic seriously, because it is about your health, and this is priceless.

After completing the form by the client, I choose the shape and discuss with the client her preferences, remembering that permanent makeup should be as natural as possible, so I avoid using too dark colors that could give a caricatured, exaggerated elect. I do not make eyebrows in black. The upper permanent lines are made with black, a cool dye, which is why under the skin it looks like cool graphite in many cases. For pigmentation of the lips I do not recommend using very light shades, because after healing the shade is imperceptible, not very satisfying. Then I outline the shape of the pigmented element and after its acceptance I proceed to the procedure, i.e. microinjection with the use of pigments. We see each other again after about four to six weeks on a corrective visit.

Always. The correction is performed approximately 4-6 weeks after the primary treatment. Only then – when the skin is dermis and completely heals – you can see where the elements must be added to achieve a uniform color and perfect shape. A correction is already included in the price of the first treatment. Eyebrow correction takes place within 4 to 6 weeks at the latest from the first pigmentation. Correction of lips and lines 45-60 days after the first pigmentation. During this period, it is free, compulsory and necessary. It perpetuates, improves the condition and appearance of permanent makeup.

This of course depends on several factors (e.g. the method used), but the average time to make a makeup (eyebrows/eyes/lips) is 2.5 hours.

  • Start the preparation at least one week in advance
  • Wash your face with only a gentle face gel
  • Use moisting preparations/cosmetics
  • Do not perform at least one week before the procedure in areas to be subjected to pigmentation, waxing or laser epilation.
  • It is forbidden to use medicines and blood thinners on the day of surgery – avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and other NSAIDS, as well as caffeine and alcohol. It is allowed to take calcium and vitamin C. Herbal teas with Melisa are advisable.

Each pigted batch requires another preparatory procedure

  • Lips-Important!!In order to avoid cold sores, the prescription of antiviral preparations should be taken by a physician (e.g. Heviran 400 – 2 times a day: 3 days before and 3 days after surgery), also with the second treatment-correction (!). Moisturizing and smoothing the surface of the mouth is a key matter, because the chapped, cracked lips less accept the pigment (!). także przy drugim zabiegu -korekcie (!).Nawilżenie i wygładzenie powierzchni ust jest kluczową sprawą, gdyż spierzchnięte, popękane usta słabiej przyjmują pigment(!).
  • Eyebrows– In order to draw the best shape to the natural line of eyebrows hairs it is advisable not to regulate the eyebrows for about 1 month, eyebrow conditioner should be discontinued one month before the intended pigmentation.
  • Lines– In case of sensitive and prone to swelling of the eyelids it is worth before the procedure to take (under the tongue) homeopathic capsules with Arnica or aescin (herbal pills with a chestnut seed extract). If the conditioner is used for eyelashes then it is necessary to finish the treatment for one month before pigmentation of the lines.

Proper care of permanent make-up, especially in the first two weeks of its implementation, is essential for its durability and aesthetic effect. At this time, the most intense processes that are not allowed to interfere with improper care are occurring in the skin. It is an invasive procedure and the skin simply needs time to fully regenerate it – it takes about a month, sometimes longer, to return to its full equilibrium state.

In 5 – 10 days after the procedure, the colouring of the make-up pales, up to 50% of the colour of the original, so it should not be disturbed that the colour is quite intense after the procedure, even after making a very delicate makeup. With mandatory correction, the effect of the procedure is strengthened.

By observing the instructions, you will maintain your makeup for a long time in perfect condition.


  • Wash the pigmented site twice a day with a yellow/kitchen soap, until the scab completely exfoliates.
  • From 3 days after treatment, we additionally lubricate 1-2 times a day with a very thin layer of Alantan ointment.
  • NIE drapać strupków
  • NIE korzystać z sauny, basenu, solarium przez okres 1 miesiąca po zabiegu.
  • NIE nakładać kosmetyków kolorowych w miejscu pigmentowanym
  • Avoid excessive sweating for 7 days (e.g. intense workouts)
  • Nie poddawać się zabiegom mezoterapii i ostrzyknięciom toksyną botulinową w 2-3 tygodniu po zabiegu
  • Maintain high hand hygiene, because there is high risk of secondary infection
  • Avoid strong solar exposure for 6 weeks and apply creams with high UV filter


  • Lubricate lips 3-4 times a day with Alantan/Bepanthen ointment
  • Drink through the straw for the first two days to avoid infection
  • Avoid staining beverages (coffee, red wine) and spicy foods
  • Do not use lipstick, lip gloss during the healing period of your mouth
  • Maintain a special oral hygiene


  • Gently rinse eyes with boiled water
  • If you experience dryness of the eyeknob, you can use Bepanthen ointment on pigmented area

Note! In case of non-observance of the rules of care may occur staining!

  • Do not allow to dry and strong tanning of pigmented area.
  • Moistać lips with lipstick
  • Avoid aggressive scrubs in the place of permanent makeup

Immediately after the procedure and for the first few days the color of make-up will be much more powerful than the final result, and the final effect is determined by a min. type of skin. After the procedure, local irritation, redness, itching, swelling and even sensation of skin tension may occur. These symptoms usually disappear relatively quickly, usually it lasts up to 48h.

After a few days the skin peeling process begins, up to 10 days after the treatment color loses an intensity of 50% compared to the output color. The final effect can be seen after 28 days. It is not recommended to make permanent makeup a few days before the planned ceremony or special occasion.

It is worth remembering that:

-For the first few days after the procedure, do not make makeup, in a piglet zone;

-The pigted zone should not scratch, rub, nibble or remove the SCUPKS;

-In the place of pigmentation, it is forbidden to use cosmetics with alcohol content, peels;

-A swimming pool, a sauna and a ban on solarium or sunbathing are prohibited immediately after the treatment and during the healing period;

-Until 10-14 days after the procedure avoid prolonged contact with water - keep pigmented area dry;

Each organism is different and responds differently to permanent makeup and the healing process.

Makijaż permanentny brwi

The skin after the procedure can be reddened, tense. However, there is never a swelling.

Redness descends from 30 minutes to two days in a very sensitive skin.

It can gently smart, pinch, hurt. This is a normal symptom, rather it is not disruptive.

Eyebrows in the next hours will darken and give a feeling of pulling the skin.

On the day of 5-7 the epidermal peeling occurs. The pigment goes unevenally, at some point, there remain unpigmented areas, "holes " in pigmentation.

Once the Scupks have gone completely, it may seem that the pigment has not taken as intensively as you wanted. Don't stress. Eyebrows have a whole 28 days to heal. At this time the pigment is stabilized in the skin, at the beginning of the eyebrows seem too bright, then-as they heal-darken. Then you come to the correction.

On the correction, I complete all the gaps, darken, lengthen, thicken, if necessary.

Permanent Eye Makeup

Eyes very sensitive during the procedure may tear-although not due to pain and the tension of the skin of the eyelids.

The eyes are swell, unfortunately unevenly. Swelling from the eyes descends from 30 minutes to two days. Usually the other day there is no trace of swelling.

Permanent Makeup Lips

The lips after the procedure are swollen-in general, gently, significantly. Unfortunately I have no effect on swelling, it is a peculiarity of the body. Swelling persists from 30 minutes to two days after surgery.

The lips are strained, they can gently hurt. In the days of 3-7, the skin of the mouth is exfoliating. It looks more or less as if they were very dry. This is not very noticeable, because throughout the period of healing of the lips, lubricated them with a dedicated ointment. As with eyebrows-the pigment stabilizes the whole month. On the correction, you can darken the lips, align the color.

Both the equipment and the materials on which I work have the appropriate approvals and certificates. The procedure itself takes place in sterile conditions, I use only disposable needles.

It is known that pain perception is a very individual matter. Permanent make-up involves putting the dye deep into the skin, which can cause pain. In order to minimize discomfort in the form of pain, I use painkilling oinment, so even the most sensitive clients are able to survive the treatment.

Nie. Trwałość makijażu permanentnego, przy właściwej pielęgnacji, wynosi od 6 miesięcy do 3 lat. Zazwyczaj zaleca się wykonanie korekty uzupełniającej po roku, ponieważ kolor z czasem blednie. Należy też pamiętać, że każda skóra jest inna i trwałość barwnika jest cechą indywidualną i nie jest do końca przewidywalna. Nie jest to zależne od Klienta, ani od wykonującego zabieg. Korekta po około roku dotyczy głównie makijażu permanentnego brwi, ponieważ pigment w innych częściach utrzymuje się dłużej w związku z tym np. usta po roku są wyraźnie zabarwione i nie wymagają korekty. Brwi natomiast znajdują się w strefie T, co skutkuje szybszym wypłukiwaniem barwnika.
The maintenance of pigment in the skin depends on many factors:
-The treatment area (eyebrows remain the shortest)
-The type of skin (on oily skin, the dye is washed out faster
-Proper care and moisturation
-Color made make-up (bright colors rinse faster)
-Exposure to UV radiation (tanning, tanning, etc.)
-A technique for the implementation of permanent makeup
For example, the shade lasts longer due to the high density of the pigment.

Make-up can be removed with a suitable laser and / or REMOVER PML. Improving makeup after another linergist is at stake, only before proceeding to such a procedure invite my client for a professional consultation, during which we will discuss the possibility of change and its possible cost.

Remember that the price of permanent make-up includes not only the time required, but also professional equipment, the highest quality dyes, expensive training and certificates. And that's all in order to offer you the highest quality service.

  • Diabetes Mellitus (if it is stabilized you can perform the procedure)
  • Fresh Tan
  • Cancer – during chemotherapy
  • Blood Disorders – haemophilia, thrombocytopenia
  • Taking medicines – steroid, antibiotics
  • Taking blood thinners
  • Taking medicines such as coumarin, heparin or high doses of aspirin
  • Bacterial, viral, fungal infections
  • Skin disorders at the site of pigmentation (psoriasis)
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Tendency to Keloids
  • Haemophilia, anemia
  • Multi-factor allergies
  • Use of Roacutane or other retinol derivatives (isotretinoids)
  • Infectious diseases (jaundice, AIDS)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hypersensitivity to the pigments used in the treatment
  • Plastic Surgery of the pigment site, if the treatment has not passed 6 months
  • Active Cold sores
  • Glaucoma
  • Catarma
  • Eye surgery (at least 2 -3 months before makeup)
  • Eye disease
  • Conjunctiva Disease
  • Retinal detachment
  • Extended Eyelashes
  • Cold Sores
  • Dental treatments and treatment planned in one week apart
  • Inflammation of the mouth
  • The stigma in the lip-red border

remover pml

Remover PML is a preparation that removes / brightens pigment from the skin in terms of permanent makeup and tattooing. is thoroughly refined and its formula is unique.

Remover PML is:

A product that removes unwanted pigment or tattoo without damaging the skin!

  • 100% effective!
  • 100% safe!
  • 100% reduces scars!

It depigments all colors of unwanted pigment from the skin:

  • White
  • Camouflage
  • Corrector
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black

This treatment is intended for all people who do not like the effect of permanent makeup / tattoo, would like to brighten or remove it.

Brightening / removing unwanted surgery. I do not guarantee the removal of the pigment completely after one treatment.

  • Stosowanie preparatu pozabiegowego AFTER REMOVER PML
  • Treat the treated area with extreme caution
  • Maintain high hand hygiene as there is a high risk of secondary infection
  • Do not rinse pigmented areas with water, soap and exfoliating agents for min. 10 days
  • Unikać silnej ekspozycji słonecznej przez 6 tygodni i stosować kremy z wysokim filtrem UV;
  • Do not use the solarium for 6 weeks
  • Do not use the sauna or swimming pool for a minimum of 3 weeks
  • Avoid mechanical peeling off the scabs
  • Avoid hot drinks, spicy foods and alcohol
  • Take liquids through a straw in the first days after the procedure (lip makeup)
  • Do not use lipsticks, lip glosses for the period of healing (lip makeup)
  • Maintain special oral hygiene (lip makeup)
  • Nie poddawać się zabiegom mezoterapii i ostrzyknięciom toksyną botulinową w 2-3 tygodniu po zabiegu;
  • Do not undergo chemical and mechanical peeling for a period of 8 weeks after the procedure
  • Do not apply makeup or any cosmetics to the post-operative area
  • It is not recommended to do strength exercises, fitness etc. For the entire period of exfoliation of the skin for 7-10 days.
  • It is recommended to take a large amount of mineral water for good skin hydration.

ATTENTION!!! Follow the post-treatment recommendations strictly. Scabs or peeling epidermis must not be removed mechanically.

ATTENTION!!! Persistence of inflammatory reactions for more than one week or the occurrence of any adverse reactions should be reported immediately.

The procedure lasts about an hour in the case of permanent makeup. The duration of the procedure when removing unwanted tattoo depends on its size.

  • Diabetes Mellitus (if it is stabilized you can perform the procedure)
  • Fresh Tan
  • Cancer – during chemotherapy
  • Blood Disorders – haemophilia, thrombocytopenia
  • Taking medicines – steroid, antibiotics
  • Taking blood thinners
  • Taking medicines such as coumarin, heparin or high doses of aspirin
  • Bacterial, viral, fungal infections
  • Skin disorders at the site of pigmentation (psoriasis)
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Tendency to Keloids
  • Haemophilia, anemia
  • Multi-factor allergies
  • Infectious diseases (jaundice, AIDS)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hypersensitivity to the pigments used in the treatment
  • Plastic Surgery of the pigment site, if the treatment has not passed 6 months
  • Active Cold sores
  • Glaucoma
  • Catarma
  • Eye surgery (at least 2 -3 months before makeup)
  • Eye disease
  • Conjunctiva Disease
  • Retinal detachment
  • Extended Eyelashes
  • Cold Sores
  • Dental treatments and treatment planned in one week apart
  • Inflammation of the mouth
  • The stigma in the lip-red border
  • Stosowanie odżywek przyśpieszających wzrost rzęs/brwi

Eyelash lifting


The Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift Treatment is a treatment that ensures a long lasting effect of raised, twirly and shiny eyelashes. It is more and more successful, because after its application eyelashes are not only clearly twisted, but also appear longer, denser and visibly nourived. Due to the lifting of the eyelashes it is not necessary to apply daily mascara, which saves precious time before going to work.

Thickened, twisted, nourished – you can have such your eyelashes! Experience the revolutionary method of laminating – no extension or complication. Durability? Up to 12 weeks! Also take care of the condition of your eyelashes-the keratin lifting treatment will make you healthy and strong like never before.


The laminating treatment will emphasize the natural beauty of your eyelashes, while the keratin lifting will provide them with the necessary nutritional values, reinforcing them from the roots to the tip.

This treatment is intended for all people who like the effect of the eyelash curler. The best results are obtained in people who have a simple, downward-rising eyelashes or a falling eyelin. The treatment is aimed at people who want to strengthen and nourive the eyelashes.

The Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift is a non-invasive treatment that overclock eyelashes at their roots and shape them. One Shot Lash Lift to nieinwazyjny zabieg polegający na podkręceniu rzęs u ich nasady i wymodelowaniu ich kształtu.

Jest to możliwe dzięki nałożeniu na rzęsy kilku preparatów, które umożliwiają zmianę ich struktury, jednocześnie wzmacniając je i odżywiając.

The SMAs does not weaken or burden eyelashes!!!

The next stage is the coloring of eyelashes, which is designed to give the lash a beautiful and intense color.

In addition, the treatment is enriched with botox,a preparation designed to strengthen and thickening natural eyelashes. It contains vitamins and minerals that work nourishing and regenerating on hair.

BOTOX does not CONTAIN: parabens, paraffins, mineral oils, dyes, silicone, formaldehyde.

Ostatnim etapem jest laminacja, polegająca na nałożeniu olejku keratynowego. Olejek ten to połączenie 3 protein zboża, soi oraz hydrolizowanej keratyny. Zadaniem laminacji jest ochrona i zapewnienie odpowiedniego nawilżenia dla rzęs naturalnych oraz częściowa odbudowa utraconych protein.

After the procedure, the eyelashes are visibly curled up, moisturized, soft and shiny. Thanks to the introduction of pigment we can also strengthen their color. This effect is maintained throughout the life cycle of eyelashes – up to 8 weeks. Not all eyelashes grow at the same time, therefore the best effect of dense, long eyelashes should be visible for 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure.

Do 48h po zabiegu nie używaj mocnych środków do usuwania makijażu oczu, ponieważ mogą odbarwić kolor.

To 24h after surgery avoid:

-A bath with lots of steam,

-Saunas and swimming pool

-Washing hair,

-Application of preparations ie: coloured cosmetics, cream or eye serum

-Do not rub or play with eyelashes

It takes about an hour.

-Allergic eye diseases

-Barley on the eyelid

-Eye infections, ie. Conjunctivitis, lichen, cold sores


-Skin disease, skin trauma, cuts, abrasions, burns and swelling in the eye area

-Recently performed operations in the eye area


-Eye Hypersensitivity

-Trichotillomania (a disorder involving the compulsive need to squeeze your own hair)

-Any disease that causes convulsions, tremor or abnormal movements

-Pregnant women.

Contact lenses are not a contraindication to the application of eyelashes, but they should be removed before surgery.

Evening/Occasional Make-up

The occasional makeup I choose for the event, beauty, character, and preferences of the client. Most often, attach tugs of eyelashes, which emphasize the eye, look natural and are comfortable to wear.

The occasional makeups that I perform:

  • Prom Makeup
  • New Year's Eve makeover
  • Makeup of wedding guests
  • Wedding Makeup
  • Trial Makeup

Runtime: 60-90 min

Please familiarize yourself with the care recommendations before makeup and contraindications for make-up.

  • For 2-3 days before makeup, make a suitable peeling face, neck and cleavage
  • W dniu wizyty należy nałożyć krem nawilżający na twarz, szyję i dekolt oraz pomadkę odżywczą na usta. Pamiętaj, że odpowiednio przygotowana i zadbana cera ma ogromny wpływ na trwałość i efekt końcowy makijażu
  • A few days before makeup, care should be taken to adjust the eyebrows and, if necessary, to epilate the mustache. (After the wax depilation, the skin should have time to regenerate.)
  • About a week before the occasional makeup, do not use the solarium, invasive treatments and unproven cosmetics.
  • On the day of makeup, it is best to wear a blouse with a big neckline, so that it is possible to even the color of the neckline and its illumination, if it is to be also visible.
  • Hairstyle at the hairdresser should be made before makeup.
  • Herpes
  • Redness, swelling, irritation, eyelid/eye damage
  • Eye and eyelid disease, m.in. Conjunctivitis, etc.
  • Inflammations of facial skin
  • Burns
  • Allergies, Allergy to cosmetics
  • Any contagious diseases
  • Fever